This course is designed for personal working with Yeastar products, who would implement, configure and maintain Yeastar products while perform easy trouble shooting for end-users and need the knowledge of their use and functionality.

Course Outline

The course consists of both theoretical and practical sessions.

Part 1 Ports and Password Enhancement 
1.1 Password and Email Settings 
1.2 Web Server (HTTPS) 
1.3 Network
    1.3.1 How to configure VLAN
    1.3.2 How to use OpenVPN
    1.3.3 How to configure DDNS
    1.3.4 How to use Static route
1.4 Extension 
    1.4.1 Change the Default SIP Port 
    1.4.2 Random Password for Extension
    1.4.3. IP Restriction for Extension 
    1.4.4 “Register Name” for Extension
    1.4.5 Security Configuration for Remote Extensions 
    1.4.6 TLS registry (Optional)

Part 2 Firewall configuration

Part 3 Service Security 
3.1 Disable Guest Call 
3.2 SSH Access Enhancement 
3.3 FTP Access Enhancement 
3.4 AMI settings 
3.5 TFTP 
3.6 Database Grant 
3.7 Even Center 
3.7.1 Event Settings 
3.7.2 Event Log

Part 4 International Call Limit 
4.1 Limit Call Credit at Provider Side 
4.2 Set Password for International Call 
4.3 Disable international call in S-Series PBX

Training and Examination 

Duration:1 day, 8 hours in total (1-Day Free practical session)

Available Type: Classroom training

Associated Certification: Yeastar Certified Security Specialist

Certification Exam:

  • The exam is taken on the final day after completion of training on the online training system.
  • The exam is an open book exam consisting of 30 choice questions
  • Passing score: 70%
  • Exam duration: 1 hour
  • Attempts: You are allowed 2 attempts to pass the exam and may not exit the exam once started. If you fail after 2 attempts, you are required to re-take the courses.